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Advice and Distribution in the Big Waters

shutterstock_839477Navigating the waters of business to government is a skill that is developed through years of studying the waters, and determining which waters are the prosperous ones for your business. Adventus has a team of professionals that has commercialized over $100 million of new technology into the road industry. These technologies include: specialty chemicals, polymers, asphalt binders, asphalt emulsions, and mixture technologies. Think of Adventus as an experienced river guide to help you navigate the road market effectively and safely. Consider the magnitude of our roads, bridges, ports, and airports, we spend over $160 billion per year on its infrastructure with $30 billion spent on pavements alone. Year over year growth has approached fourteen percent in 2015.

What does a River Guide do for You?

First, a guide is an experienced teammate that facilitates the desired outcome for the shutterstock_57746692team. Second, he determines the skills and talents needed for the journey. Finally, he understands the current conditions & starting point to ensure safety and success. This trusted teammate can facilitate a number of things including training, research, talent assessment, or exploration of new methods of distribution. Adventus is your guide to infrastructure market success either through commercialization consulting or distributorship services.

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The Adventus Guide to Market Success

Present State: All successful businesses have a number of strengths and capabilities. Understanding what the internal point of view (IPOV) of the business allows for a strengths based approach to commercializing new or existing products ensures the most efficient approach for your companies success.

Most companies are strong in two of the three areas that shown below (and to the right).Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.17.02 PM  Adventus works with our client to create deep understanding of market needs, their customer requirements, and a means to create demand which allows the strengths of the sales team and technology to grow in the market.

Competitive and Market Analysis: Developing a point of view (POV) of current market realities is crucial for growth. We use tools such as:

  • Industry lifecycle analysis
  • POV development
  • Data mining
  • Competitive analysis
  • Competitive or emerging technology threats
  • These tools are the key defining the correct first market.

Commercial Strategies (Marketing): Going beyond the branding and advertising campaign to specification implementation is the key for success. Key concepts leveraged here include:

  • Target market identification
  • Value proposition development
  • Sales training
  • Consultative selling
  • Key account strategies
  • Technology support
  • Value chain analysis
  • Technology community determination
  • Specification development
  • Product attribute development

Collaborative Innovation & Alignment: Taking the best wisdom that is inside the clients company we listen to technical and sales to eliminate frustration. Tools included are:

  • Parallel path product development
  • Voice of the customer (VOC)
  • Communities and system lock-in
  • Human action model. Maslow, and Driving forces
  • Vision and strategy creation & Business MAP

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We value the tough waters that you are navigating, please send us a note in the comment section of the challenges that you, or the industry are facing.